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German Baltic Sea cod fishers apply for MSC assessment

Certificação do bacalhau do Mar Báltico

“The German Eastern and Western Baltic cod fishery, based in Cuxhaven, is being assessed against the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for sustainable fishing.

“Sustainability and the protection of fish stocks are paramount to all of our fisheries. We want to prove this to our clients and the MSC label is a credible tool for this,” says Kai-Arne Schmidt, Managing Director of the producer association.

The independent assessment will be led by certifier Food Certification International (FCI) and is expected to complete by the end of 2010.

The fishing grounds are in the Western and Eastern Baltic Sea, where the 2009 cod (Gadus morhua) catch quota for this fishery is 3,500 tonnes. During early life stages, cod remains in coastal waters and later on moves offshore, to deeper areas. As cod is found in open waters as well as on the ocean floor, both pelagic and bottom trawl fishing gear is used to catch the fish.

The cod is landed for processing in the German Baltic ports of Sassnitz and Mukran. Most of the fish is delivered fresh to customers in Germany and other European countries. If the assessment shows that the fishery operates sustainably, in line with the MSC standard, its catch can be marked with the blue MSC ecolabel, which has become a reference of many commercial fish buyers in Europe and North America.

Cod is a significant Baltic Sea fishery. Together with herring and sprat it accounts for 95 per cent of total landings from the Baltic Sea.

“Stocks must be managed carefully to make this last. The MSC ecolabel is an easy-to-use and quick tool for identifying sustainably caught fish,” says Marnie Bammert, MSC Country Manager Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In October 2008, the same producer association was awarded the MSC certificate for its saithe fishing operations in the North Sea. The association is aware of its responsibility for the oceans and has taken action to safeguard its resources. It lobbies for uniform regulations across Europe, stricter controls and tougher penalties in the fishing sector.

The entry into assessment of its cod fishery re-confirms the producer association as a pioneer when it comes to sustainable fishing.”

Fonte: FIS – 19 de Novembro de 2009

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