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Duas declarações do Comissário Europeu Joe Borg

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Commissioner Borg describes how transferable fishing rights might be applied in the EU

“Commissioner Borg delivered a speech to the EU Parliament’s Fisheries Committee, outlining some of the possible features of a market-based approach to fisheries management of fishing effort and catches, based on transferable fishing rights. These could replace TAC and quota controls, with a system based on effort limits. He suggested a need to differentiate the approach for small scale fisheries, and to address concerns over relative stability by creating transferable rights in the first place by using existing stability keys. He also discussed the need to move management decision making closer to the fishery, perhaps by delegation of decisions to groups of Member States concerned with each fishery basin.”

Commissioner Borg defines future tasks for science in the marine environment

“Commissioner Borg delivered a speech at the opening of the ICES Science Conference, setting out the importance of scientific evidence for the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy. He considered some of the issues related to the environmental pillar of the Integrated Maritime Policy and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, including how does one assess the current status of Europe’s seas, and what is required to achieve a good environmental status. He outlined the important role of science in answering these questions and in identifying options for solutions, and monitoring progress.”

Fonte: FishFiles Lite newsletter – Setembro de 2009


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