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The Gambia, Senegal Sustainable Fisheries Project

“The Gambia, Senegal sustainable fisheries project is a five-year regional initiative supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/West Africa Regional Mission.

It is implemented through the University of Rhode Island (URI)-USAID cooperative agreement on Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems. The World Wide Fund West Africa Marine EcoRegional (WAMER) Program is the regional implementing partner. Project activities are carried out in partnership with the Department of Fisheries and stakeholders in the fisheries sector in The Gambia and in Senegal. Most of the project activities focus on The Gambia. One of the projectÂ’s Gambian partner is Banafaa (meaning marine benefits) and Wulanafaa (meaning benefits of the forest) in Senegal.

Senegal and The Gambia are located within one of the most diverse and economically important fishing zones in the world – the WAMER. Over 1,000 species of fish have been identified, along with several species of cetaceans including dolphins and whales, and five species of endangered marine turtles. The coastal wetlands are globally significant breeding and over-wintering grounds for numerous migratory birds. However, this extraordinary biodiversity is threatened by overfishing. In partnership with the Government of The Gambia and World Wide Fund, this Banafaa project aims to formulate, adopt and implement strategies to overcome unsustainable and destructive marine resource use practices that threaten biodiversity conservation in the Ecoregion.

The USAID funds for this program are part of the U.S Congressional earmark for biodiversity conservation within USAID. As such, it has certain requirements it must meet by law. The Agency’s “biodiversity code” guides it in determining what programs are included in the accounting toward the biodiversity earmark.

This Biodiversity Assets and Threats Assessment of marine fishery related resources of The Gambia and Senegal is based on a desktop review of many reports and documents and a two-week visit to The Gambia and Senegal in June 2009. The fact finding trip included expert consultations; interviews with government officials, fishermen and women, and the private sector fishing industry; a two-day stakeholder workshop, and a meeting with The Gambia National Fisheries Advisory Committee. A list of individuals consulted is included in Appendix 1 of this report.

Objectives for the Ba Nafaa Project are based on this Marine Biodiversity Assets and Threats Assessment. Accordingly, the key results is to contribute to government objectives of sustained and increased social and economic benefits for artisanal fishing communities including food security, increased income and employment. Also, the project seek to build the institutional capacity at all levels of governance to implement a fisheries co-management approach in order to strengthen and sustain socio-economic benefits for fisher folk and other beneficiaries in the market value chain and reducing unsustainable and destructive marine resource use practices, including by-catch of marine turtles and juvenile fishes.

Regionally, the Ba Nafaa Project aims to strengthen regional management of shared stocks by addressing licensing and registration issues for domestic and foreign fishermen and to improve international trade competitiveness through harmonized policies as well as to increase regional cooperation for conservation of marine turtles and mammals and to promote bilateral exchanges of communities and government officials to share lessons and experience in improved management of fisheries.”

Fonte: – Amadou Jallow – 7 de Dezembro de 2009

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