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Latest news –

– US authorities propose port entry ban for illegal fishing vessels

THE US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is seeking public comment on a proposed rule barring IUU vessels from entering US ports.

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– Seychelles tuna conference to consider needs of Indian Ocean tuna fisheries

ORGANISERS of the inaugural Seychelles Tuna Conference, taking place in Mahe 4-6 February, have confirmed an impressive line-up of speakers for the event.

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– Offshore wind farm decision took account of wildlife impacts, says Natural England

THE successful bidders of the Crown Estate’s tender competition for the next generation of offshore wind farms were announced on Friday and Natural England commended the Crown Estate on a robust selection process which has taken proper account of the impacts on wildlife.

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– Sustainable Seafood Master Class event supported by M&J Seafood

M&J Seafood, a leading supplier of seafood to the UK foodservice sector, is supporting a Sustainable Seafood Master Class, organised by The Springboard Charity.

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– Lundy Island becomes England’s first Marine Conservation Zone

THE waters around Lundy Island, off the coast of Devon, yesterday became England’s first Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) under the Marine and Coastal Access Act.

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– Last chance to strengthen aquaculture apprenticeships

TIME is running out for employers from the aquaculture industry to join forces with Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for environmental and land-based industries, to help shape the future direction of apprenticeships in Scotland.

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– Consultation starts on search and rescue provision in the south west

THE UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency starts a 12 week consultation on Search and Rescue provision in the southern part of the South West peninsula today.

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