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About Allfish

Logotipo da Allfish e link durecto para o site

“Allfish is a public-private partnership created by the seafood industry, working in partnership with the World Bank, FAO and the Global Environment Facility to establish more economically and environmentally sustainable fisheries and successful aquaculture operations, particularly in developing countries.

Allfish will target the entire value chain of a fishery. Allfish has been established to help seafood industry organizations, including small-scale producers and the fisheries authorities to collaborate effectively – not to create new policies, or tell them what to do.

The goal of Allfish is to get seafood industry organizations to work together with policy-makers to promote responsible fisheries, particularly in developing countries. Allfish will provide a means for stakeholders to collaborate on issues of commoninterest. These include: good fisheries governance, sustainable fishing practices, effective aquaculture methods, ecosystem preservation, responsible marketplace actions and engagement in the global policy debates that impact their operations.

Allfish aims to create profitable and sustainable improvements in the fisheries and aquaculture in developing countries, help sustain local ecosystems and the lives of their people.

For additional information, please contact Stetson Tinkham:

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