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Legal catch certification guide issued

 The Subsecretariat of Fisheries is the body in charge of issuing the catch certificates of fishing vessels under the Argentine flag. (Photo: Moscuzza)

“The Argentine Subsecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture has authored a guide to help seafood exporters fulfil the new exigencies put forth by the European Union (EU).

The guide contains the 36 most frequently asked questions concerning the Catch Certificate, a requirement demanded by European authorities as from 1 January. It serves as a guarantee that seafood resources stem from legal, declared and regulated fishing operations.

The document includes the basic reaches, requirements and procedures to obtain certification and facilitate processing.

Subsecretariat authorities disclosed that the certification system worked well during the first weeks of operation, and landings could be shipped to their respective destinations without any inconvenience, Pescare reports.

In any case, as the system is complex, an online help desk has also been restored.

Those interested can send an email to

Meanwhile, the local authorities seek to make product circulation transparent and reinforce controls, for which they are intercrossing data on catch (fishing reports and landing actions), permits, allotments, quotas and satellite positioning, among other aspects.

Domestically, the Subsecretariat – which depends on the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MINAGRI) – alone can emit the Catch Certificates of the vessels under the Argentine flag.

Before initiating the certification process, the exporter will have to pay the tax on service, and on catch and/or product stocks, which totals ARS 300 (USD 79), the help guide indicates.

It is estimated that the processing – which includes the presentation of the final fishing report, the unloading activity, and the ascertainment of catches – may take about five business days.”

Fonte: FIS – 19 de Janeiro de 2010

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