Publicado por: pongpesca | 2010/01/25

Some news from the Fisheries Secretariat

– “Revamping Baltic Sea decision-making system

A new platform, working-name ”Baltfish”, is emerging in the EU decision-making process.

Coming up, Fish Week

Pencil the date in your diaries: The week of June 8th will see the first European Fish Week, with events being held all across the continent.

Irish scientists to listen to fishermen

A scientific study to take advantage of knowledge amassed by fishermen, not always on par with scientists’ outlook, is underway in Ireland.

Catch shares help – to a degree, US study finds

The most comprehensive US study so far on the pros and cons of catch shares finds that the system leads to more consistent fisheries, but does not necessarily imply healthier or more abundant fish stocks.”

Fonte: The Fisheries Secretariat – 25 deJaneiro de 2010

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