Publicado por: pongpesca | 2010/02/19

Filme: “I am Fish”

Imagem do filme e link directo para o seu visionamento

“The three words, “I am fish”, appear simple. But they reflect an ancient and extraordinary web of biological activity that connects humans with the ocean. Canada’s Pacific North Coast, and a particular area known to some as PNCIMA (or the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area), supports one of the richest and most abundant marine ecosystems on the planet.

In the following pages, we explore some of the intriguing values and conservation needs of the PNCIMA ecosystem. Beginning with the photosynthetic plants that form the base of the food web, moving through to kelp forests and the small fish that inhabit them, along to salmon and other big fish and up the food chain to the greatest non-human predator in the sea, the transient killer whale.”

Fonte: David Suzuki Foundation

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