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Fishery Analyst

“Fishery Analyst is an ArcGIS 9.x application developed to effectively analyze and visualize temporal and spatial patterns of fishery dynamics. The main functions are quantitative estimation and visualization of catch and effort and their variation in space and time, analysis of fishing vessel utilization, data quality control, and deriving information on the location of important economic and threatened species. The application provides a user-friendly analysis interface allowing for easy and diverse output production. The interface allows the user to choose the analysis to perform (effort, catch density, catch per unit of effort etc) and to select data on criteria such as year, vessel name and/or size, and fish species caught. The output can be generated as yearly, monthly, quarterly or user-defined date interval plots. Results can be plotted in pre-defined map layouts and saved in quantitative GIS data file formats (raster and vector) or as graphic files and times series animations. The application provides an option to produce non-confidential plots for data protected by confidentiality policies.

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