Publicado por: pongpesca | 2010/03/12

2 positions for carrying out a research project in South Spain

“Currently I’m looking to hire 2 people (1 postdoc during 1 year and a PhD student during 4 years) to carry out a proposal that was recently funded. It is entitled “Source, transport and scope of the contamination by regulated and emerging compounds in protected areas from the Andalusian littoral (South Spain)”. As the title suggests, the work will be done in Spain (University of Cadiz), although short stays in the US or other countries are also possible. It will start in October, although the deadline to apply for both positions ends March 23rd. If you are interested or you know somebody that could be interested, please send an email to:; or, for more information.”

Fonte: DOP – 11 de Março de 2010

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