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Latest news from the Fisheries Secretariat (FISH) – 29 de Março de 2010

Lisbon Treaty causing delays and confusion

“Now that we are well into the new year, it is becoming clear that the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty in the area of fisheries is not entirely straight-forward. Confusion among both decision-makers and stakeholders about the new co-decision procedures is now starting to cause real delays in management decisions. When compairing Council and European Parliament agendas, we notice that most of the items on the long drafts from the Spanish Presidency can be bumped off, and the question is if anything but CFP reform will remain when we get to 19 April.

Long discussions about comitology procedures – simplified decision-making with some power delegated to the Commission – take place, as these are also in flux and need to be renewed. Add confusion over who exactly is allowed to take part in joint committee meetings on new Partnership Agreements and whether long-term management plans are about fixing fishing possibilities (exempt from co-decision), or of a wider remit, and the picture becomes positively puzzling. It will take some time before we all get used to these tectonic changes in the political landscape. Another EU shift – on CITES-listing of bluefin tuna – did not come to anything in the end, and more bad news came from Doha this week with seven threatened shark species failing to get support as well.”

Niki Sporrong
Director, Fisheries Secretariat (FISH)

Better fish than farm, US Prof says
Land based agriculture has a far greater effect on biodiversity than fisheries, a prominent American professor says. To replace the protein from global fisheries, grazing land would be needed that equals the world’s rain forests 22 times over.

Contraceptives have side-effects for fish
New Swedish research has confirmed earlier reports that residues from human contraceptives in lakes, rivers and sea water may threaten fish reproduction.

Same boat, new flag, fishing off occupied coast
Investigative reporters have shown how a member of the country’s dominating fishing family sold his Swedish transferable quota, then registered his vessel under convenience flag and went on fishing off occupied Western Sahara.

New FISH money for Polish NGOs
The Fisheries Secretariat’s financial support to Polish NGOs has been widened to include new areas where granting may be possible. 

More TAC to the good guys, new report suggests
Fishermen with more selective gear and a history of compliance with EU rules are among those highlighted in a new report on who should be given priority access to limited fishing resources in the future. Read more

Fonte: The Fisheries Secretariat – 29 de Março de 2010

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