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Swedes put sustainable seafood on the school menu

“SCHOOL dinners in one part of Sweden will never be the same again. The Norrköping local authority has successfully certified all of its 57 school kitchens to the Marine Stewardship Council’s Chain of Custody standard. This means that the 22,000 children attending the Swedish authority’s schools can now choose a sustainable fish alternative for lunch.

Norrköping is the first caterer in Scandinavia to secure MSC certification of a food service outlet, and can now display the MSC ecolabel on its school menus.

The MSC schools project – funded by the Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation – was launched in December 2008 to encourage awareness of sustainable fishing and stimulate the uptake of MSC-certified fish in Swedish schools.

The project is based on a hugely successful UK initiative – Fish and Kids – which has already reached over 3,500 schools in 25 local education authorities across the UK. Norrköping is pioneering the project in Sweden together with the MSC and, over the past nine months, has helped the MSC to develop the guidance material for future project partners.

The official launch took place yesterday in Lindö, Norrköping, at Bråviksskolan, where 300 children were served MSC-certified sustainable fish and had the opportunity to test the curriculum-linked education resources and website.

Representatives from Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation and the MSC joined the children to celebrate the event.

Ingrid Kalm, head of catering in Norrköping, said:  “We were already sourcing a great deal of ecological products but we aim to increase this uptake further in accordance with the political decisions made in local government.

“MSC-certified sustainable seafood falls within the category of ecological products and belongs on the school menu. In addition, it is important for us to actively support sustainable fishing and to teach our guests to think in the same way.”

The Postcode Lottery is a fundraising mechanism all of whose profits are donated to charities. The vision of the Lottery is to improve conditions for mankind and for the environment. 

Welcoming the Norrköping initiative, Niclas Kjellström-Matseke, managing director of the Swedish Postcode Lottery said: “The MSC’s food service project for Swedish schools is an important way to teach the next generation about sustainable fishing.”

Susanna Blomqvist, MSC project manager, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and the result of hard work by Norrköping during the past year. By certifying the first school kitchens in Scandinavia, Norrköping is leading the way for the food service sector by demonstrating that the concept really works on the Swedish market.

“Through the certification of the entire supply line, it is now possible for other outlets to attempt an MSC certification. Norrköping is leading the way for MSC-certified seafood in Swedish food service.  I would encourage other LEAs to see what the project has to offer.” ”

Fonte: Fish New EU – 30 de Março de 2010

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