Publicado por: pongpesca | 2010/04/08

Indonesia: 116 Fishermen Move to New Profession Every Day

“Climate change and damaged coast have pushed fishermen to move to new profession. 116 fishermen have parked their boat for good, due to lack of financial support and environmental damage.

31,000 fishermen lost their source of income every day. “About 1.2 million fishermen could not sail to the sea in 2003 to 2008,” said the General Secretary of The People Coalition for Equal Fisheries (Kiara) Riza Damanik, at their rally in celebrating the International Fishermen Day, Tuesday (4/6).
According to Riza, the condition is worsened by the regulation, which does not strictly protect the fishermen. “We cannot deny it, that it is also caused the regulation, which does not put position on the fishermen’s life.”
By the law on managing coasts and small islands, the government gives limitation of the move of fishermen in purpose. This regulation gives flexibilities for private companies to own the area of public fishing.”

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