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Filme: Fishy Business in Portugal – 1935

Imagem do filme e link directo para o seu visionamento

“On the Atlantic coast at Ovar we see fishermen being called to their boats by a man blowing a horn. The fishing boats look like Roman galleys and have a crew of 40 to man the enormous oars. Great coils of rope are loaded aboard and the boat is normally launched by a huge two-pronged pole.

The boat isn’t launched here because the sea is too rough, but we still the see the men pretending to row to give us an idea of what it looks like.

At Lisbon we see fishwives waiting on the quay for fishermen to return. The men unload their small fishing boats at the quayside. Women carry baskets of fish that they have bought direct from the fishermen and walk to the markets in the town to sell them.

Shots of a woman and a man having some kind of argument about some shoes and a coat in the middle of a market.”

Fonte: British Pathe

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