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ScienceDaily: vários

– Adding Nutrients to Oceans Could Enhance Transfer of Carbon Dioxide from Atmosphere to Deep Ocean

ScienceDaily (July 9, 2010) — Adding nutrients to the sea could decrease viral infection rates among phytoplankton and enhance the efficiency of the biological pump, a means by which carbon is transferred from the atmosphere to the deep ocean, according to a new mathematical modelling study. The findings, published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, have implications for ocean geo-engineering schemes proposed for tackling global warming.

– Why Some Communities Embrace Environmental Conservation and Others Don’t

ScienceDaily (July 8, 2010) — Continued support for off-shore oil drilling by Gulf Coast residents who are dealing with one of the most devastating environmental disasters in U.S. history might seem surprising, but new research from the University of New Hampshire shows that local factors such as unemployment and population growth influence views about the value of environmental conservation and regulation.

The new species of batfish, Halieutichthys intermedius, lives in the waters completely encompassed by the Gulf oil spill.

– Two New Species of Pancake Batfishes Discovered from Area Engulfed by Oil Spill

ScienceDaily (July 8, 2010) — Although the Gulf of Mexico has been intensively surveyed by scientists and picked over by fishermen, it is still home to fishes that are waiting to be described. New research published in the Journal of Fish Biology describes two new species of pancake batfishes (Halieutichthys intermedius and H. bispinosus) and re-describes another (H. aculeatus), all of which live in waters either partially or fully encompassed by the recent oil spill.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

– Isolation a Threat to Great Barrier Reef Fish

ScienceDaily (July 7, 2010) — At first glance it may seem like a good idea to be a fish living the quiet life on a small and isolated reef.

This is a North Atlantic right whale diving with tail in the air.

– Lone Whales Shout to Overcome Noise

ScienceDaily (July 7, 2010) — Just like people in a bar or other noisy location, North American right whales increase the volume of their calls as environmental noise increases; and just like humans, at a certain point, it may become too costly to continue to shout, according to marine and acoustic scientists.

– Cleaner Water Mitigates Climate Change Effects on Florida Keys Coral Reefs, Study Shows

ScienceDaily (July 7, 2010) — Improving the quality of local water increases the resistance of coral reefs to global climate change, according to a study published in June in Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Fonte: ScienceDaily

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