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Open consultations on MSC policy developments

“MSC is developing a number of policy initiatives which are now open for public consultation. Details on each topic and how to participate in these consultations are available on the MSC website here.

The consultation documents are in English only, however if you would like the opportunity to discuss these topics and provide input in your own language, please  don’t hesitate to contact your regional MSC representatives. Details on regional contact points can be found at the MSC website here.

Topics under consultation:

  • MSC Chain of Custody Standard: A consultation to collect comments about the continued effectiveness of the MSC Chain of Custody Standard v2.1 and any proposed changes to the current version. Consultation open until 22nd October, 2010.
  • MSC assessment of Introduced Species: A consultation on the proposed set of scope criteria under which the MSC may consider allowing  introduced species to be assessed in the MSC program. Consultation open until 8th October, 2010.
  • Structural changes to the Fisheries Assessment Methodology: A consultation on proposed changes to the structure of the Fisheries Assessment Methodology (FAM) to assist certifiers in interpreting the FAM and to ensure that guidance sections of the FAM are fully taken into account in scoring a fishery. Consultation open until 8th October, 2010.
  • Rebuilding timeframes for depleted stocks: A consultation on proposed revisions to the Performance Indicator in the Fisheries Assessment Methodology which evaluates rebuilding plans for depleted stocks, in order to specify maximum acceptable rebuilding timeframes for achieving the different scoring thresholds. Consultation open until 8th October, 2010.
  • Default performance requirements for endangered, threatened, and protected species : A Consultation on requirements for assessment of ETP species in the absence of national enacting legislation. Consultation open until 8th October, 2010.
  • Requirements for peer reviewers in fishery assessments: A consultation on proposed revisions to the requirements for peer reviewers and scope of the peer review within the fishery assessment process to ensure peer reviewers are appropriately prepared and qualified. Consultation open until 8th October, 2010.

Pre-assessment tool–consultation open to certifiers: Consultation with certifiers on a proposed standardized structure for pre-assessment reports.
Consultation open to certifiers until 8th October, 2010.”

Fonte: MSC – 14 de Setembro de 2010

– Artigo relacionados: 

Fonte: Folha. com – 4 de Setembro de 2010

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