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Vários – The Fisheries Secretariat – 29 de Novembro de 2010

– “Brave New World?” – Editorial by Niki Sporrong

Commissioner Maria Damanaki is caught between what seems to be a sincere wish to adhere to international agreements which the EU has committed to – as well as the objectives set out in the CPF – and a failure by her predecessor to begin implementing them in a timely manner. The EU committed to reaching MSY for fish stocks by 2015 already in 2002, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. The delay in implementation is behind some of the stark cuts in fishing possibilities proposed this year. Among other commitments not fulfilled in good time are trade obligations for the CITES-listed European eel and the FAO International Plan of Action to reduce seabird bycatch.
The current attempts by the Commission to stick to these objectives are exposing some of the horsetrading going on in the EU. The latest of which was the negotiating mandate for the ICCAT meeting, where bluefin tuna management divided the Member States. In the end, initial resistance from countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom fell away and only three countries abstained from voting for a compromise proposed by the Belgian Presidency. As this newsletter goes out, EU ministers meet again, this time to agree on management of deep-sea stocks. In this case, NGOs consider the Commission proposal unambitious in parts and not in line with relevant international commitments, such as the UN General Assembly 2009 resolution 64/72 and the UN Fish Stock Agreement.

That aside, the Commissioner and her services are being brave this year, but will we have a “new world” in European fisheries by the end of the year, or are we headed for dystopia?

 - Click to enlarge“Almost laughable” ICCAT bid on bluefin tuna

The ICCAT decision on next year’s bluefin tuna quotas went along levels suggested by the EU Council – forced on Commissioner Maria Damanaki – drawing protests from outraged environmentalist describing it as “a massive failure” and a product of “greed and mismanagement”.

Black scabbardfish - Click to enlargeNovember Council to decide dire future of black scabbards, red seabream, roundnose grenadier, many sharks

The 2011-2012 catch quotas for a long line of vulnerable deep-sea species will be in focus for the Fisheries ministers’ next Council meeting in Brussels on 29 November.

 - Click to enlargeDamanaki opens door to shark-finning ban

Environmental groups are welcoming a joint effort by the European Parliament and Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki to close loopholes in an EU shark-finning ban that they see as among the weakest in the world.

 - Click to enlargeCOM message on 2011 TACs: Strict loyalty to scientific advice

Stressing that ”we cannot negotiate with nature”, Commissioner Maria Damanaki has presented a proposal based strictly on scientific advice for 2011 catch quotas in the Atlantic, the North Sea, and international waters. 

 - Click to enlargeNo EU line on bluefin yet

Time is quickly closing on the November ICCAT meeting in Paris that many see as a last stand in the struggle for the survival of the bluefin tuna, and it still remains for the EU to find a common position.

– Outros

Fonte: The Fisheries Secretariat – 29 de Novembro de 2010

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