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Post-Doc at U. Bologna – Effects of multiple human and natural stressors on the potential for recovery in marine coastal systems

“The Laboratory of Experimental Ecology (LES – – wishes to appoint a post-doctoral fellow to carry on experimental research on the effects of multiple human and natural stressors on the potential for recovery in marine coastal systems. This activity will be carried out within national and international multidisciplinary projects focusing on the remediation of damaged marine habitats, on the development of ecosystem-based adaptation measures and on  coastal planning and management.
Applicants should have a PhD in a related discipline, a background in experimental ecology and data analysis (possibly also including meta analysis), demonstrated ability to work independently and producing publications, good skills in networking and communication and a positive attitude towards collaboration in a multidisciplinary research group both in the field and the laboratory. Fluent knowledge of English is essential. The results of the project will be translated into zoning plans and regulations for coastal areas in the Adriatic sea and around Europe, therefore some familiarity with GIS  would be a desirable requisite. Because part of the research is carried out in the field,  diving and boat experience would also be desirable.
The successful applicant will work under the supervision of Dr Laura Airoldi ( Office and laboratory work will be based in Ravenna, while field work will be carried out along the coasts of the Adriatic sea.
The position is available for two years at a net salary range of 15000 Euros per year. Subject to funding, the position may be extended for up to four years in the first instance.
Inquiries and applications should be addressed to:

  • Dr Laura Airoldi
  • Scienze Ambientali, Università di Bologna
  • Via S. Alberto, 163, I-48100 Ravenna, Italy
  • E-mail:
  • Tel +39 0544 937314, +39 320 4386506
  • Together with a curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of three references.

Closing date is 15 December 2010.”

Fonte: Mailling list MARINET – 3 de Dezembro de 2010

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