Publicado por: pongpesca | 2011/04/07

Nova ferramenta para apoio à gestão costeira

Need tools for your coastal or marine management or conservation program?  Want to read about projects that have used tools before jumping in to tool use?  Want to find someone to help you with a project?  Want to let people know about your new tool or EBM project?

The EBM Tools Network is very pleased to announce the launch of a new on-line EBM Tools Database! This new database is free to use and can help you find tools for your coastal and marine management and conservation projects. In addition, you can find Projects, Resources, Organizations, and Practitioners related to Tools and can contribute information about your own Tools, Projects, Resources, and expertise.

Some highlights and features of the new EBM Tools Database:

  • You can search by names and topics (e.g. watershed, marine protected area)
  • It is free to use and add content to
  • You can contribute YOUR Tools, Projects, Resources, or Organization and Practitioner information to the database (Click on Add Information)
  • Users can review tools to provide feedback to others users and tool developers
  • You can add comments about topics in the database.

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