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“It’s not just about the fish” Social and cultural perspectives of sustainable marine fisheries

“This conference was held on:

Monday 4 April – Tuesday 5 April 2011 (2 days)

Hosted by the School of Science and the Greenwich Maritime Institute, University of Greenwich, UK

The global marine fishing industry is undergoing major restructuring driven by fisheries management and policy responses to ecological problems in key stocks. Many commentators and policy makers refer to a “crisis” in fisheries with key stocks in serious decline and the livelihoods of fishers, especially those in smaller fishing communities, are threatened as never before.

This conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from across the globe to explore the social and cultural aspects of sustainable marine fisheries management. In Europe, the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, and in the UK, the new Marine and Coastal Access Act (2009), have focused much attention on the marine and coastal environment and resources. Further afield, countries are seeking ways to balance protecting the sustainability of key stocks with the livelihoods of fishermen and coastal communities. “It’s not just about fish” will seek to assess the relationships between fishing, fishing communities and the broader community (residential and business) to assess the barriers and opportunities for the future sustainability and prosperity of these communities.”

Aceda aos resumos e às apresentações desta conferência aqui.

Fonte: University of Greenwich

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