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Funded Field Placements and Research Opportunities Available in the Eastern Aegean islands, Greece, for autumn and winter of 2011

Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation (, a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organization, has many exciting opportunities for students and scholars to get involved in timely and valuable field work and educational courses, located on the beautiful Greek islands.

Archipelagos carries out research and conservation activities throughout the year. The Institute offers and hosts many educational opportunities (placements, field courses, graduate/postgraduate research opportunities) that can provide valuable, exciting and fun hands-on experience. Each year, over 100 students and scholars come to Archipelagos to participate in the programs.

Who participates in Archipelagos’ programs?

Students, young graduates, teachers, academic staff and university researchers who are serious about their studies and work, and who enjoy experiencing the Greek islands.

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Fonte: EurOcean Newsletter – 15 de setembro de 2011

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