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The Four Keys

The Keys are four comprehensive books compiled by Gaia Education associates, offering an overview of cutting-edge thinking on design for sustainability at local, regional and global scales. Drawing from the experience emerging from the best research and development centers for carbon-constrained lifestyles, they are reference books for anyone seeking to develop a high quality low-impact life-style.

Each key covers one of the dimensions of the core Gaia Education curriculum: Economic, Worldview, Ecological and Social, making ideal companions on the journey of our face-to-face or virtual programmes.

Under UNESCO Patronage and as an official contribution to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development the books offer widely applicable solutions to the complex problems of climate change, resources scarcity, carbon reduction and community resilience.

Download them for free or buy a hard-copy here

The four titles are as follows:

Social Key – Beyond You and Me
Inspiration and Wisdom for Building Community
Editors: Anja Kosha Joubert and Robin Alfred

Economic Key – Gaian Economics – Living well within planetary limits
Editors: Jonathan Dawson, Helena Norberg-Hodge and Ross Jackson

Ecological Key – Designing Ecological Habitats – Creating a Sense of Place
Editors: Chris Mare and Max Lindegger
to be published Spring 2011

Worldview Key – The Song of the Earth – The Emerging Synthesis of the Scientific and Spiritual Worldviews
Editors: Will Keepin and Maddy Harland
to be published Fall 2011

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