Publicado por: pongpesca | 2011/12/30

PhD position Coastal cities and flood risk

The applicant will be based in the VU University Amsterdam Department of Spatial Analysis and Decision Support ( at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM).

Deadline for applications: 12 December 2011

Coastal Cities such as Rotterdam, Jakarta and New York City are vulnerable to flooding and currently develop capacity to cope with increasing flood risk. Traditionally, flood risk management in the Netherlands, and also Rotterdam, has concentrated on minimizing flood probability through developing and improving levee systems. Currently there is a trend towards a more integrated flood risk management approach where more attention is paid to the potential impacts of flooding. In Europe, flood risk assessment has been given added impetus by the European Directive on Flood Risk Assessment and Management (EFD) (Directive 2007/60/EC), which requires Member States to assess which areas are at risk from flooding, to map flood hazards and risks, and to take adequate and coordinated measures to reduce flood risk. Coastal urbanized areas are especially vulnerable, but little research has been done flood risk management in dense urban zones, and on how urban planning can anticipate these risks.

Fonte: PoCoast List (Coastal and Marine)- 30 de Dezembro de 2011

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