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Salmon Farm Science – Examining the science behind salmon farming

“We are unashamedly pro-aquaculture.

The population of this planet is going to hit seven billion people in our lifetime and farming fish is a brilliant technological innovation which will help feed them all.

Are there problems with farming fish? Yes. There are problems and concerns with everything human beings do.

But the biggest problem is how poorly and negatively aquaculture has been portrayed in the mass media, particularly salmon farming, which we will likely focus on the most in the topics and information we post here.

The problem is with science, particularly with how people misinterpret and misunderstand it. Sensational, agenda-driven science gets media attention, while moderate and well-researched science gets ignored.

We hope this little corner of the blogosphere will help change that, even a little bit, by bringing to light the vast amount of good science which supports aquaculture as a sustainable, good idea.

And before anyone writes us off as biased, we clearly state that we will call BS when we see it, regardless of who publishes it and whether or not it supports our bias.

We are no one’s apologists; we’re in it for the science.

We are always looking for story ideas, and also welcome criticisms and compliments. WARNING! We will likely post any hate mail or compliments we receive.

We can be reached by email at

Also, please follow us on Twitter @fishfarmscience”

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