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IMMR 2012 – International Meeting on Marine Resources


The IMMR 2012 was planned to communicate the new scientific knowledge on marine resources for the understanding and sustainability of our planet. Our scientific programme has all the focus on innovative research in the fisheries and management, aquaculture, conservation and biodiversity, marine biotechnology and also seafood technology. The regular programme will be sustained by several international experts that kindly share scientific knowledge through state-of-the-art lectures as well as by young researchers with the latest scientific innovations, discoveries and practices on important subjects in the multidisciplinary field of marine resources. Altogether, we are convinced that the IMMR 2012 will be a prominent scientific meeting as well as a rewarding and effective event for all the participants.

About GIRM and ESTM

The GIRM (Marine Resources Research Group) is a young research group created in 2007 by researchers of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL), School of Tourism and Maritime Technology (ESTM), that was established in 1999/2000 and has the sea as its trademark and the basis of its identity. The GIRM is constituted by 11 PhDs, several Masters, Undergraduates and Students in areas such has Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Our research group adopted the Marine Resources and Marine Biotechnology as the main research lines.

The ESTM is located in Peniche and has the entire educational offer totally adjusted to the Bologna Process. At the moment, ESTM has two Undergraduate courses and two Master degrees within the Marine Resources area. The Undergraduate courses are “Marine Biology and Biotechnology” and “Food Engineering”. The Master Degrees are “Aquaculture” and “Biotechnology of the Marine Resources”. To consolidate our mission, the realization of the IMMR 2012 is essential.

About Peniche

Peniche is located on the western coast of Portugal approximately 90 km north from Lisbon. The council has rich Historical and Cultural Heritage, excellent beaches and is known for its outstanding natural beauty and delicious gastronomy based on fish. Peniche has several of the most famous beaches in Portugal such as Baleal and SuperTubos that are much sought after by surfing enthusiasts and Consolação beach that is known for its medicinal properties. One of the major interest spots of Peniche is the Berlenga islands. This paradisiacal place is a Nature Reserve and also the most important stopover and refuge point of marine birds on the Iberian Peninsula. More than the high botanical interest of the two endemic species and more than dozen species that are rarely found in Portugal, the surrounding waters support thousands of marine species with high scientific, commercial and touristic interest.”

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