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PhD summer school – Equity and Efficiency in Fisheries

“September 2-5, 2012  |  Kiel, Germany

Future Ocean, Kiel
Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel
FAME, University of Southern Denmark

Background, Aims and Scope
Traditionally, fisheries science and resource economics have been concerned with studying the consequences of overfishing and possible solutions, where overfishing means inefficiently high catches and inefficiently low stock sizes of fish. More recently, also the distributive effects of overfishing (for example, exploitation of West African waters by European and Chinese fleets) and fisheries regulation (for example by means of individual transferable quotas, ITQs) have gained significant public and scientific interest.

The summer school addresses PhD students of economics, ecology or related fields studying questions of efficiency, inter- and intragenerational distributive effects of managing the use of natural resources, in particular fisheries. Distinguished scholars will give lectures and PhD students will be given extensive possibility to present and discuss their research.”

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