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ICES/PICES Symposium on Forage fish interactions – Creating the tools for ecosystem based management of marine resources

The symposium will be held from 12–14 November 2012, in Nantes (France) convened by Stefan Neuenfeldt (DK), Myron Peck (DE), Tim Essington (US), Niels Vestergaard (DK) and Vladimir Radchenko (RU). The goal of the symposium is to review and discuss recent methods that enable us to quantify the links between forage fish and the other components of the ecosystem, from plankton to top predators and humans, and from biological interactions to economic and social processes.

Participants will be invited to contribute articles to a special issue of ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Five theme sessions will be convened that will open with an invited keynote presentation:

  • Climatic and biotic mechanism forcing on forage fish population recruitment (Key note: Akinori Takasuka, Japan )
  • Post recruitment predator-prey dynamics in ecosystems world-wide (Key note: Geir Huse, Norway)
  • Linking biology and economics (Key note: Røgnvaldur Hanesson, Norway)
  • Ecosystem-based management(Key note: Jason Link, USA)
  • Comparisons between ecosystems and generic properties (Key note: Jeremy Collie, USA)

Panel discussion: What exactly is a healthy ecosystem? Managing Forage Fish: What do we want and why?

Link(s): Symposium website
Location: Nantes, France
Start date: 12/11/2012
End date: 14/11/2012
Abstract submission deadline: 15/07/2012
Early registration deadline: 01/10/2012

Ver anuncio completo aqui.

Fonte: EurOceans – 10 de Julho de 2012

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