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Sandgrains Newsletter October 2012

Dear Friends!

Here is the October Newsletter to share the latest updates on the production of Sandgrains…
We hope you all had a good summer, ours flew past very quickly!

In June Francesca published the Cape Verdean photo-story on the French “Courrier International”. The work was given a double-page spread in the weekly magazine accompanied by a very good online version.
In September, the photo story was published also in Italy, on the Saturday supplement “D” of “La Repubblica”: 5 sheets entirely dedicated to the story.
We see this interest by international newspapers with great positivity. It proves that this great little story we have been following for years provokes both astonishment and interest.

Lorenzo Dzieduszycki has meanwhile finished the final version of the movie poster!
He started by processing one of Francesca’s pictures and then skillfully decontextualized and elaborated it graphically.
Here below you can see a digital copy. We like it a lot! What do you think?

The most important news is that the long process of editing the film has finished!
Naiara, our editor, created a pre-cut which then went into the hands of Jordie. He worked for another two months, helped by daily feedback from Gabriel, Mirco and Francesca to get to the final product. In addition we organized some very useful private screenings with friends, colleagues and professionals to tweak the last adjustments… and, voila!

Now the project is with Mirco, who is taking care of  audio mastering, sound design and adaptation of the his composed music to the structure of the film.
And Filippo Bianchi is working on color correction, balancing lights, colors, saturation, contrast…

Naiara is working on the motion graphics for the film (titles, character names, credits), while we are putting together the long list of credits and preparing final subtitles for the film.
In early November we expect to begin working on the preparation of the dvd (design, compression, menu and print). The target date for completion of the film and the dvd is the end of November. Inshallah!

Today we are also launching the Sandgrains Facebook Page! If you have an account please visit the site and like it. Have a look at the timeline; it contains a full diary of the documentary production!

Finally, in December we will be able to focus on something that we have not forgotten… Your gifts!
Our promise is that by the end of January we’ll be able to deliver everything to everyone, but we hope to finish even before…

That’s it for now… Do write us your comments, and we will be in touch soon with more updates!

(Ah, and in the meantime, IF any of your friends is interested in Sandgrains and wants to contribute… The second crowdfunding campaign is STILL OPEN! And it will pay for the post-production work of the professionals mentioned above).

A warm hug to all and many thanks for your time and patience!

The Sandgrains Team

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Fonte: Sandgrains@Matchbox Media

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