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Sandgrains Launch in Brussels

You are invited to join Matchbox Media, WWF, Greenpeace, Pew Environment Group and Ocean 2012 at the very first sneak preview of Sandgrains, a documentary about the local effects of global fishing!
The film is finally ready to be shown to the public! We wish to have an impact on those that will take important decisions regarding our oceans in the following days and weeks.
The event will be at the Goethe Institute in Brussels, just a couple of blocks away from the European Parliament.

Invite all your friends and lobby your MEPs to come along and take a stand on the upcoming Common Fisheries Policy Reform!
Now we can change it! Next time will be in 10 years!

Monday 26th of November
Screening start at 7pm

Goethe Institute Brussels
Rue Belliard 58
1040 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 2303970

With drinks reception and a photo exhibition by Francesca Tosarelli

Tommy Melo, vice-president Biosfera I (Cape Verde)
Raoul Monsembula, Ocean Campaigner Greenpeace Africa (Senegal)
Jordie Montevecchi, director of Sandgrains (Italy)
Gabriel Manrique, director of Sandgrains (Sweden)
Beatrice Gorez, Coordinator at CFFA (Belgium)
Moderated by Uta Bellion, Ocean 2012/Pew Environment Group (Belgium)

Join us on our Facebook Event for any more updates
And if you want to check out the trailer you can find it here

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Fonte: Sandgrains@Matchbox Media

A estreia em Portugal irá acontecer em 2013 e terá o apoio da PONG-Pesca. Fiquem atentos para mais informações!

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