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Maximum Sustainable Yield: The Worst Idea in Fisheries Management By Dr. Sidney Holt

“Let me begin by explaining my title. MSY both enthrones and institutionalizes greed. It is a perfect example of pseudo-science with little empirical or sound theoretical basis. As a target for management of fisheries, or even as the anchor for so-called ‘reference points’, it is inadequate and its pursuit increases the likely unprofitability, and even collapse, of fisheries.

I have, nevertheless, twice enthusiastically offered my support for MSY. How come? In both cases – regarding the extreme depletion of the populations of large whales, in 1974, and the EU Commission’s recent proposals to adopt it generally in EU waters – the question was how to get away from a policy of seeking merely current sustainability, instead of the recovery of stocks to more productive abundances and states. Shifting from ‘sustainability’ to notional MSY was in those cases an improved, progressive policy. It has, however, its dangers, as we saw with Japan’s pressure, in the 1970s, to reduce hitherto lightly exploited whale populations – such as the minke and Bryde’s whales in the Southern Hemisphere – down to their presumed MSY ‘levels’. I have since thought that maybe one should not support certain things for tactical reasons that one would not support if thinking strategically. My mother sometimes told me that in some ways a white lie was worse than a real one.”

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Fonte: Breaching the Blue – 3 de novembro de 2011


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