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Sandgrains January 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Here is the January update for Sandgrains.

First we hope all of you had a great start of the new year and that it continues getting even better!

Sandgrains was screened as a sneak preview at the Goethe Institute in Brussels at the end of November. The room was packed as we had more than 200 attendees! Feedback has been very positive and many asked us to organize more private and public screenings at a variety of venues.

Since the end of November we actually went back to updating the motion graphics. Samuele Calabrò, who has years of professional experience as motion designer for FilmMaster Television and is currently Art Director for 2Bcom/Magnolia, is doing an excellent job (here below you can see a snapshot of what he is creating for the final credits).


Unfortunately we had to delay the release of the final film a little further because we came across some major problems with a record label that was supposed to give us the rights to use some of their music in the film. This means that Mirco has been working closely together with Davide Pistoni, a composer and coworker at the Italian national broadcaster RAI. He has a lot of experience and from the start understood the mood and atmosphere of the film project, so even if this means we have to wait a little longer before releasing the film, we are very happy with the work he is doing.

Meanwhile we have been working on final subtitles for the film. English, Swedish and Italian are ready to go, while for other languages we need some help from our community. Last week we did a call out on social media and already have 7 people giving us a hand. We divided the total subs into 3 blocks so that no one will get loaded with too much work. If any of you could spare a couple of hours of your time and has the skills to give us a hand, we would be really grateful. We are looking for people who can help us with Portuguese, Spanish, French and German. Anyone up for it? Or maybe you have a friend who might be interested? As always, in exchange we will give you full credits and you’ll get to see your name in the end credits of the film!

We’ve already started applying to international documentary film festivals and we really hope to be be selected to participate in these major events, which would set the distribution in motion and generate sales of the film. So wish us good luck!!

This is it for now, more news will come when we get to the next step.

Take care

The Sandgrains Team

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