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Call for Papers: Beyond Fish Stocks: Towards Socially Sustainable Fisheries

“*CAG 2013 St. John’s, Newfoundland* *August 11-15, 2013*

*Call for Papers:** Beyond Fish Stocks: Towards Socially Sustainable Fisheries *

Conventional fisheries management has often neglected the human dimension of fisheries, over-focusing on target species’ status at the stock level. Criticism grew as this approach resulted in ecosystem perturbations, discards and by-catch waste, environmental degradation, significant stock declines and a list of notorious catastrophic stock collapses. This bleak track record has been accompanied by conflict and has caused hardship to local resource users and communities, raising serious questions about legitimacy, equity and social resilience. Disenchantment motivated a shift in fisheries management towards more inclusive approaches which recognize the legitimacy of multiple perspectives and the value of local and traditional knowledge*.

While these are important advances, there is still much to do to achieve socially sustainable fisheries that fully address social, economic and cultural needs of resource users, local communities and stakeholders in general. We welcome papers that present case-studies or critical discussions providing a reflection on the way forward in improving the social sustainability of fisheries.

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

· Reconciling different perspectives in fisheries management

· Integrating/combining local or traditional knowledge with fisheries science

· Co-production of knowledge

· Fisheries governance: (adaptive) co-management, community-based management, devolution and power issues

· Collaborative or community-based monitoring

· Conflict resolution

We encourage geographers, as well as researchers from related disciplines, to share their experience and insights.”

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Fonte: Canadian Association of Geographers


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