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Blue Marine Foundation Conference – Managing MPAs. September 2013

Blue Marine FoundationConference
Managing Marine Protected Areas
18 September 2013 9:00- 16:45
Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, Portland, Dorset



“Marine protected areas are coming into being around the British coast in a process more painful than some had foreseen.  Does how these areas will be managed affect their acceptability?  If everyone knows what they are getting and can see some benefit, will the process of adoption not be quicker and more acceptable to all?   The Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve project would suggest that there are benefits to be gained from getting together to work out win-wins for fishermen, conservation and communities.

The aim of this conference is to demonstrate the power of locally-based conservation and fishery measures to effectively manage areas of sea, to share wisdom and to investigate the possibility of new projects, alliances and initiatives.

We hope you will join us to discuss how to achieve best practice in managing MPAs of all kinds around the UK coast with fishermen, scientists, fisheries managers and retailers.”

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Fonte: CMS – 17 de julho de 2013.

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