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FISHRENT – Bio-economic simulation and optimization model for fisheries

145“The FISHRENT model was developed as a part of the EU funded study ‘Remuneration of spawning stock biomass’. The model has the following characteristics:

  • Integration of simulation of different management strategies and optimisation of selected objective variables.
  • Combination of output- and input-driven management policies.
  • Flexible number of species and segments to analyse multi-species/multi-fleet fisheries.
  • Link to available economic and biological data allows empirical applications.
  • Balanced composition between various components: biology-economics-policy.
  • Dynamic behaviour over any number of years, including stock-growth, investment and effort functions, allows simulation of adjustment paths.
  • Flexibility for applications of various types of relations (e.g. different stock-growth functions, approaches to payment for access, etc.).
The model contains:
  • Options for the collection of rent (payment for access).
  • Large number of features, including parameter for technological progress, discards of sized and undersized fish, various options for simulation of investments, etc.
  • Six modules: biology, economy, interface, market, behaviour and policy.

Use of a well-known language (Excel) allows a broad introduction and accessibility to different users.”

Aceder ao relatório e a uma apresentação do projeto aqui.


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