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Institute of Fisheries Management Annual Conference 22-24 Oct Cardiff

IFM_advert_April_2013What have fish ever done for us?

The importance of good fisheries management in modern society.

Each year the IFM holds an annual event aimed at bringing together fisheries managers, students and anyone interested in fisheries from across the UK and Ireland to share experiences, gain knowledge and develop contacts.  These meetings serve to disseminate good fisheries practice and allow us to learn from the experiences of others. They can also help shape policy.

This year’s conference in Cardiff aims to focus on the role that fisheries play in society, and how we as managers interact with and are perceived by the “non fisheries” community.  This three day event will look at the social, economic and environmental impacts of good (and bad) fisheries management and will ask the question of how to optimise the benefits of fisheries in modern society.”

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Fonte: Communications and Management for Sustainability – 19 de setembro de 2013

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