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Sandgrains September 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Summer has come to an end and we finally managed to get back to writing the latest updates on Sandgrains.

Between April and June Sandgrains has been screened at 2 festivals. Our documentary was officially selected at the Green Film Festival in Seoul (South Korea) and Open City Docs Fest (United Kingdom). Jordie has also been attending three documentary film markets at Visions du Reel (Switzerland), Krakow Film Festival (Poland) and Sheffield Doc/Fest (United Kingdom) to understand the industry market and find the right distribution channels for the documentary.

After some months of discussing with many friends, colleagues, industry delegates, festival directors, distributors and sales agents, we decided to pass our work to the hands of Montse Portabella, head of the documentary department of Motion Pictures, a Spanish distribution company to whom we have given exclusive world wide rights for distributing the film to television broadcasters. We closed the deal by end of June and some things are already starting to move, but before giving you any info, we will wait on the closing of some deals.

We also signed a contract with a German distribution company, RealEYZ, to whom we gave non-exclusive rights for distributing Sandgrains online and to educational markets. Our film is not online yet, but we will update you when it is.

Plus, we have updated our website, taking off the crowdfunding elements and replacing it with pre-orders. So now you can pre-order the Digital Download, DVD, Bluray and Commercial Screening License. As we explained in the last newsletter, we are unable to distribute the documentary to the greater public right now because of industry rules, so that we can send it to more festivals and get better deals out of broadcast distribution. But if you pre-order the film now, by end of the year you will have it in your inbox!


Just before our London premiere we were also invited to give an interview for Italian TV, this time Jordie and Mirco went live on screen, updating the public on the achievements of the production, on how we got there and on what we are expecting as filmmakers and as a multimedia production collective. Here you can see the recording (unfortunately this is only in Italian).

At the end of August Francesca has been invited to present an exhibition of “The Sand of Ja” in Imola where she screened some extracts of Sandgrains, and had a Q&A with the audience.

Now that summer is over and autumn is slowly kicking in, we have a few more festival selections on the calendar! The Australian premiere has just passed, the film has been screened at the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne, then we will have our Czech Republic premiere at the Documentary Film Festival Alimenterre followed by a Q&A with Gabriel, and the Belgian premiere at Festival des Libertés in October. If anyone of you will be there, write down the dates!

The good news is that after having spent a lot of time researching and applying to festivals, the summer has been full of requests. We are now not applying anymore by our own, but festivals around the globe are actually contacting us directly to ask for a preview of the documentary so they can consider it for their programs! Good news for us as this means the documentary is traveling the net and has already reached some visibility!
This is it for this time around

With love,

The Sandgrains Team

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