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Free Webinar – Striking a Balance: The Future of Fisheries Improvement

ss_header“December 5, 2013

10:00 AM

It’s hard to imagine such stalwart supporters of environmental protection as the World Wildlife Fund and seafood industry leaders such as High Liner Foods even sharing the same room, let alone working together toward a common purpose.

That’s just what happened when coordinators including the World Bank’s James Anderson convinced 20 corporate leaders and environmental activists to see past their differences and form a blue-ribbon panel to assess the world’s oceans and the fisheries that work there.

The only thing more impressive than the group’s meeting is what it did: create a set of standards that is expected to guide millions of dollars in future investments in fisheries improvement projects.

In this webinar, SeafoodSource Editor Sean Murphy will talk with Anderson, High Liner’s Henry Demone, and WWF’s John Tanzer about how it happened, how much is at stake, and just what the new report will mean long-term for the future of both the environment and the seafood industry worldwide.”

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