Publicado por: pongpesca | 2014/02/18

SEAFARE – Sustainable and Environmentally friendly Aquaculture For the Atlantic Region of Europe

logo“SEAFARE is designed to provide small-to-medium enterprises and public authorities with tools for sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture. It will strengthen links between researchers and industry, and influence policy development at regional and national levels. It will deliver innovative solutions for coastal zone management and the sustainable management of economic activity.

The project’s intent is for the group to form a long-term resource on the western seaboard of Europe and beyond. The main objectives of the project are:

To promote diversification of the aquaculture industry by providing a greater range of species and alternative production systems, including offshore systems;

To protect sensitive coastal environments through the development of novel integrated farming systems in sensitive wetland habitats and to minimise the impacts of aquaculture discharges through the use of wetlands as natural biofilters;

To assess the dangers associated with introduced aquaculture species using Pacific oysters as a model.”

Visite a página do projeto aqui.



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