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FishWise – Human Rights

barracuda_banner“Media outlets are increasingly covering human rights abuses in seafood supply chains all over the world. Unfortunately, many seafood companies who have worked hard to create environmentally sustainable seafood sourcing policies remain unaware that human rights abuses are occurring, most likely in their own supply chains.

These companies have made a commitment to provide their customers with environmentally sustainable seafood products, a commitment that could be undermined by these human rights abuses. Trafficking and forced labor, among other abuses, have been documented in several supply chains of popular seafood items in the United States. In such supply chains human rights abuses are not the only concern – often fishing interests that commit social crimes against their workers are also committing environmental crimes.

The time has come for companies to take responsibility for both environmental sustainability and social aspects of their seafood supply chains. This can reduce the risk of negative attention as documented human rights abuses continue to grab headlines and also provide opportunities to improve brand value with consumers.

Eliminating human rights abuses in seafood supply chains is not an easy task, but is a necessary and important one. FishWise has gained an in-depth understanding of human rights abuses in seafood supply chains, and has established relationships with many of the experts in the field. This information has been summarized in a white paper (below) to educate seafood businesses and stakeholders on the human rights abuses taking place in seafood supply chains and provide recommendations to improve human and labor rights within the industry.”

Aceder a mais informações e relatórios aqui.

Fonte: FishWise

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