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An easy way to help sharks and other marine wildlife

Help save sharks and other marine wildlife“Dear Friend Of National Geographic,
The facts are sobering. Great white sharks, killer whales, and other large ocean predators are disappearing at alarming rates. 
Sadly, 90 percent of all large fish are already gone. Marine wildlife need your help to survive. Our oceans need to be protected so they will remain healthy enough to support life across our planet. 
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are a proven solution to many of the problems threatening our oceans today. They may be the most powerful tool for ocean protection and restoration that we have.
MPAs are the ocean equivalent of the national parks and reserves we have on land that have protected elephants, tigers, chimpanzees, and so many other treasured animals for decades. 
But right now, less than 2 percent of our ocean is designated as an MPA. “

Ver campanha e contribuir aqui.

Fonte: National Geographic

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