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NOAA Fisheries Webinar Series – What Can Ecosystem Models Add to the Stock Assessment Process?

“Presenter: Dr. Cameron Ainsworth

Assistant Professor, College of Marine Science

University of South Florida

Abstract: Ecosystem and multispecies models account for a variety of factors not typically modeled in single species stock assessment. These
include trophic and behavioral interactions between species and potentially also habitat effects, climate variation and directional climate change,
and interactions with various marine-use industries. Dr. Ainsworth will highlight recent case studies from the United States, Mexico, Indonesia
and Australia where ecosystem models were used to supplement single-species management. Typical applications of ecosystem models include
producing time series of natural mortality for use in single species models, development of equilibrium catch and biomass curves that account
for species interactions (modifying optimal fishing mortality rate ([Fopt] and MSY), producing multi-species yield per recruit plots for help in gear
specifications and setting basket quotas, quantifying ecosystem services provided by one fishery target species to another, and use of management
strategy evaluation – a closed loop simulation-based procedure for optimizing harvest control rules. Dr. Ainsworth will discuss obstacles in achieving
broader use of ecosystem models in fisheries management and conclude with new directions for NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
program such as the use of a model ensemble approach.”

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Fonte: QUEST/NOAA – 8 de maio de 2014


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