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FARNET Guide #8: Marketing the local catch

guide8“In 2013, the FARNET seminar, “Marketing the Local Catch”, brought together stakeholders from across Europe to exchange ideas and experience on the marketing of locally caught fish and seafood.
This guide presents some of the options and tools fishermen and other local stakeholders can avail of to improve the marketing of the local catch, with the help of their Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG). It starts by looking at some of the reasons for, and benefits of, improving the marketing of local fisheries products. It then looks more specifically at the role of FLAGs, and how they can assist in the development of marketing projects. Finally, two innovative ways to improve marketing locally (direct sales, Community Supported Fisheries) are presented, as well as three practical tools that can be used to improve the effectiveness of the marketing strategy: digital tools, experience-based activities and labels and brands.”

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