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imgres“A group of senior campaigners and NGOs that over the past five years has worked together in the EU Mediterranean countries to promote a strong reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). We have coordinated the coalition OCEAN2012 in Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy and Spain (, successfully securing a reformed CFP aiming to stop overfishing by 2020.

As part of this effort we have activated and in many cases led national platforms, joining forces with those International NGOs which were not part of OCEAN2012, such as Greenpeace and WWF.

Mediterranean fisheries have entered the CFP reform debate only marginally. The new CFP is about to be implemented and we have good reasons to believe that this reform has left aside the main Mediterranean specificities. Therefore we have decided to refocus our activities on the Med and apply the knowledge, expertise and access we have built over the years to help improving the state of the Mediterranean fish stocks and marine habitats.

Our mission is to catalyse action for the recovery of Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems by ensuring a long term, fair and responsible use of our common sea.”

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