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FishNet: Inspiring action for sustainable fisheries

FishNet“FishNet is a growing online community set up by IIED for people who are interested in sustainable fisheries. Since launching in November 2013, we have gained members from around the world, including policy makers, fishers, researchers, academics, activists and consumers.

Our community – which anyone can join – can be used to learn about sustainable fisheries as well as to interact with other people in the sector. Members can also use FishNet to share:

– links to articles and blogs

– resources, such as publications

– photos and video

– questions and answers.


FishNet recognises the damaging impact that ineffective marine and coastal management has on international development and the environment, but FishNet aims to raise awareness about the solutions. We believe that sustainable development can meet the challenges caused by overfishing, habitat destruction, natural disasters and climate change. As such, we take the positive perspective that fisheries from around the world can be made to work for the future as well as today.


FishNet was created to bridge the gap that traditionally exists between stakeholders, including scientists, researchers, practitioners, fishers and consumers. It aims to do this by:

– promoting informed decision making and fisheries literacy by demystifying complex theories and scientific findings to make them more accessible to policymakers and consumers
– being a platform that allows members to share knowledge and hard-earned lessons
– providing the space where members can learn about events and research in sustainable fisheries.”

Visite a página do projeto aqui.

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