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Putting Christmas dinner back on the table

8f8699c9ea08a67511_2vm6i6sfh““Besugo” – red sea bream (Pagellus bograraveo) – is a type of fish traditionally eaten on Christmas eve’ in Spain. It’s also one of the species worst affected by overfishing in EU waters.

Red sea bream populations are overexploited – stocks are fished on too large a scale at too fast a rate and therefore unable to reproduce quickly enough. Allowing stocks to grow back to sustainable levels would see fisherman catch more fish for people to eat, while also bringing in higher revenues for themselves.

In order to gradually get red sea bream stocks in to better shape, scientists have advised that the total amount of catch to be taken from them in 2015 should not exceed 515 tonnes. Yet, at their last meeting in November, EU fisheries ministers agreed to set the total catch at 1,233 tonnes. That is more than twice the amount recommended by scientists.”

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Fonte: new economics foundation – 3 de dezembro de 2014

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