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Map my track: WWF and navama show the way to transparent seas


A new platform introduced by WWF and its partner navama where fisheries can show where they travel and fish has a major impact on solving the problems of overfishing and illegal fishing. The tracking tool and data sharing platform TransparentSea offers fisheries worldwide the possibility to register and make their fishing activities transparent.

“Fisheries which cooperate with us can show their customers that they are committed to legal and responsible fishing,” said Alfred Schumm, WWF’s Smart Fishing Initiative Leader. WWF and navama ask fisheries:” Use our vessel tracking tool and service to make fishing operations transparent and demonstrate that you are not involved in illegal fishing activities.”

Fisheries can register voluntarily and show that they respect the boundaries of sensitive areas and no take zones and use responsible fishing practices. All results and tracks will be published on a regular basis if the fishery agrees.

Fonte: TransparentSea – 14 de janeiro de 2015

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