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Ecosystem approach to fisheries

“The ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF) is aimed at integrating the interests of all uses and users and pays special attention to the impact of fishing on other ecosystem elements and functions. The course will make you familiar with EAF-theory and with the FAO toolbox developed for the preparation and implementation of an EAF management plan. It will also provide you with analytical tools to make more sense of socio- economic and fisheries data. In the first part of the course we will discuss various forms of fisheries management and guide you through the steps of the toolbox developed by FAO to support the transition from a conventional to an EAF approach. In the second part of the course we focus on the information that can be derived from catch and effort data. In the last part you will practice skills in collecting socio-economic data. If the circumstances allow, we will visit a Dutch fishery setting. In the process you will develop insight in some of the issues the Dutch fisheries sector is dealing with. During the course, participants will learn from each other’s professional issues, experiences and possible solutions. For this reason, a number of years of relevant work experience is required”

Ver descrição completa aqui.

Fonte: Ciência Hoje –  21 de janeiro de 2015

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