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14th International Deep-Sea Biology Symposium – Aveiro – 31/08 a 4/09 2015

shapeimage_6“The deep-sea is the largest ecosystem on Earth, it harbours high biodiversity and provides a wealth of resources yet, it is also the least explored and understood. Since their first edition in 1977, the international deep-sea symposia have been invaluable forums for exchange of information on the most recent deep-sea explorations and scientific advances. Moreover, the symposia  have also been wellsprings of cooperation and formation of new research groups and projects.

In 2015 it is the turn of Aveiro, Portugal to host the International Deep-Sea Biology Symposium. Previous conferences have been held in Kristineberg, Sweden (1977), La Jolla,  USA (1981), Hamburg, Germany (1985), Brest, France (1988), Copenhagen, Denmark (1991), Heraklion,  Greece (1994), Monterey Bay, USA (1997), Galway, Ireland (2000), Coos Bay,  USA (2003), Southampton, UK (2006), Reykjavík, Iceland (2010) and Wellington, New Zealand (2012). Once again the Symposium will provide the opportunity for members of the international deep-sea science community to discuss and present their latest research results.

Host Institution: University of Aveiro
Where: Aveiro, Portugal
When: 31st August – 4th September 2015
Conveners: Marina Cunha
Ricardo Serrão Santos
Ana Hilário”


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