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Voluntary Guidelines on Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries [SSF Guidelines]

“The 29th Session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI) held in February 2011 recommended that an international instrument on small-scale fisheries be developed. This is based on the increasing recognition of small-scale fisheries as a principal contributor to poverty alleviation and food security and the guidance provided by a number of global and regional conferences and consultative meetings exploring how to better bring together responsible fisheries and social development in coastal and inland fishing communities.

The Guidelines will be voluntary, focus on the needs of developing countries, and relevant to small-scale fisheries in marine and inland waters covering fishing as well as related post-harvest and upstream activities. They will be in support of national, regional and international initiatives for poverty alleviation and equitable social and economic development, for improving governance of fisheries and promoting sustainable resource utilization. Their objective is to provide advice and recommendations, establish principles and criteria, and information to assist States and stakeholders to achieve secure and sustainable small-scale fisheries and related livelihoods.

The Guidelines will be developed through a consultative process involving governments, regional organisations, civil society organisations, and small-scale fishers, fish workers and their communities.”

Aceder ao documento nas 6 línguas oficiais da FAO aqui.

Fonte: FAO

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