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Marine Ecosystems and Management – Vol. 8, No. 4 – April – May 2015


MEAM Issues in Vol. 8, No. 4:

• Retrospective: Experts see progress on EBM but warn of risk of “all planning but little action”
• Tundi’s Take | EBM: Time to stop talking and start doing
• Making MSP happen: Practitioners talk realizations and resources
• Notes & news: Canada – Blue Halo – Seychelles – SIDS – US – Blue economy – Ocean valuation – Ocean Health Index – Climate change – MSP impacts – Asia and Caribbean – Tradeoffs in values – Myths of EBFM – Good Environmental Status – MSP concierge
• Notes & news: Ocean governance and industry – Ocean carbon storage – Fishers’ views of climate change – Ocean extinction event – EBM approaches
• Letter to the editor: Turning science into polic.

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